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35 responses to “Mommy Life Series

  1. I’m so glad I stumbled on your blog!!

    I started keto on January 1 2015 too! And my starting weight was 244lb – very close to you.
    I’ve lost 7.7 pounds so far – it’s been so hard kicking the sugar though. >.<

    I just started a blog this year to help me get the most out of 2015 (and life in general)…but it's no where near as pretty as your page! I have a lot to learn in the world of WordPress that's for sure!!

    I'll absolutely be following your journey – it's so great to feel like someone is doing it with me 🙂 🙂

    PS. I don't normally use such an excessive amount of exclamation marks…

    • That is so awesome! You should check in every week with me on my facebook account with your weight loss numbers! And share some recipes you have been eating! I would love to hear (and eat!) all about it!

      If you ever have any blog related questions, I’d be happy to help too! Im a beginner as well. I started this blog about 7 months ago.

      • I’d be happy to check in with you… But not on Facebook. I deactivated my account in November – such a good decision!

        I made your coconut prawns tonight! They were amazing!

  2. I will be following your progress closely, as I need about 20 lbs off asap. If you can do it with all that amazing baking around, I have to.. No yummy cupcakes here, not even for my chit day.. 😦

  3. Your blog is stunning!! My husband(who is naturally thin
    ) and myself are living a keto lifestyle as well. I would like to drop about 40 pounds and regain my health. I am excited to try your recipes and follow along with your progress .

  4. You’re beautiful 🙂 your writing, your recipes and your photography aren’t bad either 😉 thanks for sharing a piece of you with us. It’s inspirational!

  5. So, this may be a bit too much information BUT I think I love you. Most keto/weight loss blogs revolve around the people who have already succeeded (skinny people). I am a 5′ 8″ 200 pound girl and I rarely see people like me on these blogs.

    So, I guess I’m saying…thank you for giving me hope.

      • I lost 30 pounds on keto last year and guess what? Gained it ALL back in the last few months…so back to the beginning. I’ll be following you and I am happy to be your cheerleader!

      • My husband has been doing low carb for over a year. I think I am just going to have to live with the fact that this eating style will have to be a life long commitment for me. Although, with finding stuff like Swerve it really helps with my sugar cravings!

  6. 1st off congratulations u look great.. It’s inspiring to see results like these. I’ve been doing WOE since Oct and have dropped 50pds and still going.. I feel like food no longer controls my life, thank you for posting on the 90 day challenge lately I’ve been feeling like most of the people on there want a quick weight loss n freak out when it’s only a pd or 2 a week. I will follow ur journey.

  7. I love that I stumbled upon your blog as well! I originally started the monday before new years 2015. Had to get off last week because I wasnt eating enough calories and was in starvation mode so only lost 11 pounds in three weeks. I only gained 3 pounds of water back when I got off for a week. I started back up this last wednesday @249 pounds, Im 5’8 also. Day three and Im down to 246! Small goal is 232…… then 211 and really want to be 180 by July 24th. Can 50 pounds be lost in 6 months staying in ketosis?

  8. I absolutely adore your blog! I just found it yesterday via up all night anyway. I am also eating keto, but on the lower end of the fat spectrum as our bodies will use our own fat as fuel and that’s what I need. 🙂 You are clearly very passionate about cooking. This is an area that I NEED help with. Cooking seems like just another chore to me. However, in order to enjoy my food more I plan on using more recipes. So, I will def be following your weight loss progress as well as learning how to cook better from you. Thank you for sharing!!

  9. I am completely stuck after a fantastic start into ketosis. I lost btwn 8 and 10 lbs (idk for sure what I weighed to begin) in the 1st few wks. Now I’ve been STUCK just gaining a lb or .5 a lb and then losing it, over and over. For almost a month now. It’s like I rly did just lose some water wgt like everybody says who’s negative about lowcarbing and/or ketogenics.
    I eat no fruit, starchy vegs or dairy, just added in almonds this week, but no other nuts or seeds (of course no beans, grains). So yeah, my diet is meat, eggs (eliminated them for a month to see if I would get a reaction to reintro), greens and FAT. Mostly coconut fat at that. I have reduced my veg intake lately to see if I was just eating too many carbs and have switched to just eating twice a day…IF. No problem with that as I am not hungry. I am bored silly with my diet but the hunger/any cravings being gone is nice. I also have a bit more energy but nothing stellar.
    BTW I am 50 but not menopausal and weigh 188 at 5-4. I should still be losing rapidly, I am categorically obese.
    If I’m going to be bored, then so be it. BUT I NEED TO BE LOSING WGT WHILST I AM.

    • Hi Helen! I am actually stuck in the same situation! I lost 10 pounds my first month and then my second month I lost NOTHING! Im actually starting over tomorrow with the Atkins Induction approach. So no nuts! I might have been eating waaaaay too many things mwith all the almond flour cookies and pizza crusts. So I am going back to basics!

  10. Hi..I too just found your site..and will be following along…Can I ask, what is the difference between a Keto diet and Low carb diet….I started eating Low carb 2 weeks ago…..I too have been off and on for years..but I feel so much better when I eat Low carb…I would love to lose about 20 pounds…Thanks for your help…and your wonderful recipes!!!

  11. Well damn, I never knew the difference between the 2 either. Now I do. lol thanks for that. I guess I’m doing Keto. Soooo much better than saying low carb/high fat. : / So glad I found you.

  12. I just found your site, I was wanting to start low-carb eating high fat all that good stuff. I see most comments were from January 2015. I hope you are still actively blogging. I really enjoy dieting and exercising with a “group” and sharing progress, even set backs because they do happen just the over all accountability to each other and recipe sharing. I just got on your site so there may be more updates I haven’t seen, but I am looking to “start” “again” lol on Monday so I hope you and your blog followers are still active with daily or weekly updates.

  13. Love your recipes….but where are the weight loss figures for the rest of the year….there are only the ones for January. My husband and I have been doing the Banting LCHF lifestyle (Real Meal Revolution) for two months….he has lost 12kg and I have lost 10kg….we are never hungry and eat a wide variety of foods comprising of meat, vegetables, dairy and fats. We have kept things fairly simple though but the food is good and tasty.

      • Same thing happened to me three months in! I actually think that losing the weight and being more healthy helped me get pregnant. I had a New Year’s Eve baby a year before yours.

        Good luck with everything! And I’m over at, so we can share tips, etc.

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  15. Hi. I have lost 120 pounds in 16 months. I just started blogging and I am over at Carblessblog. I would love for you to follow and maybe give me some tips on blogging. Thanks!

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