Change is in the air…

So the hubby has been traveling through Europe for the past week, and it is still a week before he gets home. With only the Little Sea Bass (our 6 month old boy) to take care of, my days have been pretty much the same. Watering the garden, going for walks, lots of playtime and introducing him to lots of new organic foods.

Once he goes to bed around 7, I have a little time to myself…and I have been binge watching health documentaries on Netflix every night. It’s got me thinking. Is low-carb really the right thing for me? There are multiple days on end that I don’t eat a single vegetable. Just meat, eggs and dairy. Sure, you will shed pounds lightening quick…but what does my heart look like? Am I cutting off years of my life? I literally burst into tears thinking about missing so many possible memories with our son because I wanted to lose weight quickly.

Not to mention, even on a low-carb/keto diet, my weight has yo-yoed out of control for the past 5 years. Cheat days have turned into cheat weeks and all my work losing the pounds was for nothing because it instantly came right back. It’s just not healthy.

So it’s time for a change. Well, in fact, the change had already started. The past week I have been juicing veggies daily, and eating only a whole-food plant based diet. Yup, vegan.

You know, I don’t even want to call it vegan. There are foods out there that are vegan that are total crap–loaded with sugar and other garbage. I am still avoiding wheat, since it is a known trigger for psoriasis (which I have) and I am not loading up on fruits. Just lots of green veggies. LOTS.

I have to say, in such a little amount of time, I feel great. I am sleeping better at night and I have more energy during the day. Even my skin looks brighter! I haven’t even had a sugar craving once, which was always a huge problem for me.

So that’s it. The Primitive Palate is changing. New, shiny and totally unprocessed. Hopefully, this wont make too many ketopians mad at me. But right now I have to focus on long-term health and setting a good example for my baby.



8 responses to “Change is in the air…

  1. Congrats! Changes are good things! Once in my former vegan/raw vegan life I really enjoyed learning to cook differently! I really think now I appreciate all the ways I have eaten because I know how to cook for anyone with any sort of eating need!

  2. I’m madly copying all of your recipes that I love in case you get a fit of conscious and delete all the LCHF ones!!!

  3. Hi, I’m new to you. I’m not even sure how I got on your mailing list. I think it’s fine to change when things aren’t working for you anymore. I love all cuisines and other than whole minimally processed real food I’m not dogmatic in my approach to eating.
    I’ve been lowcarb for many years and I eat veggies with every meal. Can’t imagine trying to live on just meat and dairy. Good luck in your journey.

  4. I Love all foods, especially plant based! Good luck & I cannot wait to see the new meals you make!

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