7 Ways to get LEGIT free stuff!

7 ways to get legit free stuff--from gift cards and cash to full sized free samples!

So about 2-3 times a week I get various packages with samples, coupons and full-sized products to review. My spare room has become a graveyard for cardboard boxes in the hopes that I can reuse them! I have had so my friends ask where am I getting these things and how can they get them as well!

Well, here is the list of websites I use to get free products sent to my doorstep.

No scams.

No buying anything.

No spam.

Just great coupons and legit free items for you to try!


This site is my favorite! I started my first “mission” the week I joined! I’ve received dish detergent, razors and a few different food items. Full sizes and coupons to go with each, so you can share with your friends! All they ask is for you to share you experiences on the social media outlets you have. Also, they tie into my next free stuff site, MyPoints. Everytime you share something about BzzAgent you get points that go to your MyPoints account!


MyPoints works a few ways. Basically, you collect points by doing surveys, playing games, watching videos or shopping. Then you cash in those points for gift cards. I’ve even gotten a month’s worth of shampoo and conditioner from a survey I took so I can tell them how I like it! I mostly do surveys on this site. Occasionally, I get points from shopping–but only from sites I already shop on (Amazon, Shutterfly, VistaPrint, ect)  Then I also get a LOAD of point from my BzzAgent account!


PINCHme is all about free samples! Once a month they have a “sample day” where you can load up on whatever samples you want and they send them to you! You just have to make sure to login on that specific day because samples go fast!


Influenster is a review based website. A few times a month they send out VoxBox’s which are all themed differently. You are chosen by your demographic and the way you answer their survey questions that they call “snaps.” I have only had 2 missions with them but one was $80 worth of L’Oreal skincreams!


Crowdtap works with all kinds of companies to get consumer opinions. You can take surveys or polls to collect points towards Amazon gift cards. They have photo contests with prizes up to $50. You can also get full-sized samples to review! So far I have gotten free full-sized samples or Truvia, Johnsonville Grillers and Crest toothpaste and an electric toothbrush! I’ve also gotten $20 in Amazon gift cards just for answering questions about brands.


Smiley360 is similar to BzzAgent. You make a profile and then they contact you with missions that you can accept or reject. They send you full sized samples to review on social media! So far I’ve gotten free pregnancy tests (the good ones, too!) and a full sized bottle of gummy vitamins.


MintVine is very similar to CrowdTap. Lots of surveys that earn you gift cards or payouts through PayPal. You can even have small, simple surveys sent as a text to your phone to get points!

Happy sampling!


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