Barcelona & Santa Susanna, Spain




A few weeks ago Alex and I went on a weekend getaway to Spain. We actually took a bus, which in the beginning seemed like a great idea. Neither of us had to drive and we didn’t have to worry about our hotel…but we traded that for an un-air conditioned 13 hour bus ride and extremely swollen ankles. Once we were there though, everything was pretty darn amazing.

My favorite part of travelling is always the food. Since we only had one day in Barcelona, we bought tickets to ride the Hop-On/Hop-Off bus tour. We got off on a random stop because we were starving and stumbled upon the Filburg Restaurant. We must have arrived just as they opened and had the whole place to ourselves. It really reminded me of the fancy burger pubs in D.C.

Everything we ate was amazing. Perfectly seasoned, super fresh and extremely flavorful.


Trio of House-Made Croquettes: Iberian ham, gorgonzola and walnuts. These were AMAZING. Soft and fluffy on the inside with a thin, crisp breading.


Focaccia Crostini, Fresh Squid, Braised Red Peppers and Caramelized Onions.


The Gras Burger: Caramelized onions, foie gras, arugula and balsamic cream with Pedro Ximenez reduction .


Molten Chocolate Cake: Usually I steer clear of this dessert (Every place I’ve ever worked has a version of this) BUT this one was fantastic. The cake was light and decadent at the same time. Totally on-point.


dsc_0026dsc_0016dsc_0014dsc_0013dsc_0031We went to a few other restaurants in Santa Susanna. Honestly, I can’t remember any of their names. All the seafood was amazing. That’s what you get when you are right on the beach! The whole weekend was just a mix of prawns, sangria and beach water….good times 🙂

dsc_9932 dsc_9930 dsc_9931dsc_0206dsc_0207dsc_0209 dsc_0071dsc_9945dsc_0070dsc_0069dsc_0215dsc_9926dsc_0210dsc_0204

Our hotel was right on the ocean front and off the shore they had a giant bouncy castle-type obstacle course. Of course, Alex had to do it 🙂

dsc_0076 dsc_0081 dsc_0079 dsc_0084 dsc_0115 dsc_0187 dsc_0175 dsc_0165 dsc_0146 dsc_0135

So seeing that all bets were off for dieting, we had to try the chocolate kebab. Basically, it was a dessert version of a gyro sandwich. Totally worth feeling like a blob afterwards…and seeing Alex eat like a 2 year old.

dsc_0192dsc_0190 dsc_0193 dsc_0197 dsc_0194 dsc_0195 dsc_0196


We have started a tradition in out travels. Everywhere we go we get a piece of art from a local artist. It’s so much more interesting than a collectible spoon or snow globe, and we are supporting the creativeness of the locals.

dsc_9979 dsc_9980 dsc_9978 dsc_9977

Then there are all the random photo’s of things that I just thought were pretty or interesting….or just silly pictures of Alex!

dsc_9998 dsc_9956 dsc_0003 dsc_0201 dsc_0074 dsc_0066 dsc_0063 dsc_0051 dsc_9982 dsc_9959 dsc_0075 dsc_0064 dsc_0061barcelona-1tilebarcelona-1tile-900x600 dsc_0060 dsc_0059 dsc_0050 dsc_9991 dsc_9990 dsc_9971 dsc_9918 dsc_9914


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