Nature Walking in Kaiserslautern, Germany

Wandering in nature has always been one of my favorite things to do and the forests of Germany are absolutely beautiful. Everything seems so much older here than back in the states. I know how silly that sounds, the woods of Europe are no older than those of North America…but these just seem so magical.

I have been trying to find more hiking paths here in the city I live in. Near Alex’s office is a place called the Rhueforst. This is actually not a hiking path, it’s paved and has ample parking. Don’t let that fool you, the woods are amazing. Tree stumps covered in moss, wild flowers, open fields of playful daisies. I like to take Axel here walks now and again and I think it would be great for families (especially if you have little ones in strollers).


One thing is a little odd about this place. If you wander off the paved path you might find trees with tiny plaques nailed to them. Most have multiple names on them. German families can have their loved ones ashes buried under the trees here, instead of in a graveyard. All in all it’s a peaceful place to wander on a lazy day.

So, Alex brought me home a Nikon D300S to play with. I took it out to the Rhueforst to play around with so don’t judge me on my first attempt on photography with a real camera!

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