My Top 5 Favorite Healthy Food Blogs

Food blogs have become a staple for my cooking since I’ve moved to Europe. I own about 200 cookbooks, unfortunately-they are in a storage unit back in Virginia. It actually breaks my heart a little thinking about how lonely they are right now. I purchased most of them with scholarships I got during culinary school. Worthy investments….at least to me.

There are plenty of food blogs I follow regularly, but these 5 are my favorite. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


1. The Domestic Man: Russ’s blog is by far my favorite because his recipes are not trying to be something else. It’s real food, that real people eat-and it just happens to be Paleo. His photography is fantastic and he is from my native Virginia! He also just released a cookbook, The Ancestral Table. Check it out here!

2. Sprouted Kitchen: Sara’s blog is filled with lots and lots of produce! I think it’s great to try new fruits and veggies, but I find most people are afraid because they don’t know how to prepare them. With ingredients like broccolini, pasilla chilies, parsnips and persimmon this blog will definitely keep you interested. Check out her self-titled cookbook here.

3. Hipster Food: This is actually a vegan food blog! Obviously I am not vegan, but I do love to incorporate as much veg in my life as possible. Cara’s Strawberry Green Tea Lemonade is absolutely to die for. She also writes a vegan food magazine called Chickpea.

4. My New Roots: Here you will find delicious and beautiful whole food recipes. Sarah is a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Nutritional Practitioner, so she knows her stuff. Not only does she have a vast amount of recipes but she has some great cooking videos as well. 

5. The Forest Feast: If I could describe Erin’s food photography in one word it would have to be “stunning.” I love the mix of bright photos with handmade watercolor illustrations to accompany them. She has worked as a food photographer in NYC and currently blogs for Better Homes & Gardens. Her recipes are simple yet colorful and most only have a handful of ingredients-but they still pack a flavorful punch. Check out her self-titled cookbook here.


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