In Bruges


Bruges, Belgium. What a beautiful city! A few weeks ago, Alex and I went there for a romantic weekend getaway before he had to leave the country for a few weeks. What could be more romantic and inspiring than a place that looks like a backdrop for a fairy tale? The medieval overtones of Bruges’ cobblestone streets lead to countless historical, architectural and artistic wonders. Marvel at ornate houses lining intricate canals, and understand why this is a favorite destination for all types of travelers. The whole city emanates an appreciation of the past, a love of the present, and enthusiasm for the future. Don’t miss The Basilica of the Holy Blood, countless chocolate shops, the Belfry and the historic City Centre.

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A must-see on any traveler’s list, Bruges is a charming town filled with incredible history, beautiful scenery and friendly locals. Plus, it’s a pedestrian’s dream. What’s not to love? Now, Alex and I decided that when traveling to other countries-our diet is on hold. I mean, you have to try to local favorites and soak in all of that culture, right? Now when you think of Belgium, what comes to you mind first? Chocolate and waffles and beer!

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With the absurdly high concentration of chocolate shops in town, it may seem as if every other storefront is peddling piles of pralines and trays of truffles. When succumbing to this temptation, seek out Bruges’s most innovative spots like Neuhaus Chocolatiers.

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We stayed at The Hotel Het Gheestelic Hof and got the Flanders Package: 1 night with breakfast – a gourmet three-course dinner (excluding drinks) at Restaurant Le Manoir Quatre Saisons’ (closed on Sundays) – visit to the brewery ‘Crescent’ with tasting of the ‘Bruges Zot – visit the exclusive “Historium ‘Bruges and discover the Golden Age of Bruges with all your senses – visit to the chocolate museum Choco Story ‘ for 230 euros.


Buffet breakfast is served in the cozy conservatory. They had an assortment of freshly baked breads, pastries, croissants, fresh fruit, cereal, yogurt , charcuterie, cheeses and a hot buffet with eggs, bacon, and sausages. My favorite was the endless amount of Nutella and Speculoos to slather on all the fresh breads! 

The gem of Het Gheestelic Hof was definitely the restaurant, Le Manior Quatre Saisons. The three course meal was exquisite, and Alex got to try Squab for the first time!

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Walking the city streets during the day was quite beautiful. This is one of the oldest medieval towns in all of Europe! Hidden in nooks and crannies all around the city you will find the most amazing architecture and sculptures, and once night falls the buildings are lit up with a gorgeous orange hue to light your path.

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