Sweet Potato Pasta


I have tried so many different “diet” pastas. Zucchini, low-carb, quinoa, corn and spelt. Don’t get me wrong, the stuff that actually tastes like pasta is delicious, but still packed full of non-paleo ingredients. This sweet potato “pasta” is FANTASTIC. It still has a little bite to it like a pasta cooked al dente, just with a lot less processing. So versatile, too!  You could sub these noodles in about any pasta recipe out there. I’ve made it with sauteed shrimp, ginger and snow peas…pesto, mushrooms and grilled chicken….pork belly, blistered cherry tomatoes and spinach! The flavor of the sweet potato is very mild, so whatever you cook with it will be the real show-stopper.

Now before you get your paleo panties in a twist…Goat cheese is dairy, which means it’s not paleo, but it is considered primal. Just because it is primal doesn’t mean it will work for your body. If you can tolerate it, by all means eat the delicious stuff! But opt for organic and local whenever possible!


Sweet Potato Pasta with Bratwurst, Oyster Mushroom, Arugula & Goat Cheese

Yield: 2 portions


  • half of a medium sweet potato, peeled & spiralized (If you don’t have a spiralizer-check this out!)
  • 2 German bratwurst, sliced into coins
  • 1.5 cups oyster mushrooms, sliced into bite-sized pieces
  • 1 cup fresh arugula
  • zest of 1 lemon
  • 1 package goat cheese
  • kosher salt & fresh ground pepper
  • Paleo oil of your choosing (I usually use left over bacon fat since my husband goes through about 2 packages a week)



Heat a saute pan on medium-high and add about a tablespoon of oil. Throw in sliced bratwurst and cook about 2-3 minutes, stirring occasionally. Toss in mushrooms and continue until brats are fully cooked, about 5 more minutes. At this point, take the pan off the burner and fold in the arugula-you just want it wilted and the residual heat will do this for you. Season to taste. Place this pan off to the side.

Heat a second non-stick saute pan on medium-high with a tablespoon of oil. Once it’s hot add the sweet potato. Cook for about 5-7 minutes, constantly stirring. If you let it sit too long there is a chance of burning it. I usually taste a piece to see if it is cooked to my liking. I prefer a slight bite, so 5 minutes usually works for me.

To plate: With tongs, portion out the sweet potato pasta onto 2 plates. Add a mound of the bratwurst mixture on top and garnish with crumbled goat cheese and lemon zest!

*Technically you can cook all of this in one pan. I prefer 2 because you will be able to create a better looking plate. But if you are alone and feeling like an animal go ahead cook it all in one vessel and eat it straight out of the pan over the sink. I won’t judge.



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